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PD Partners is your go-to consultant partner for the creation and bureaucratic processes of modern medicine. We’ll walk you through the different stages to ensure your product is filed properly for approval and created with quality, top-of-the-line ingredients.

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From over-the-counter to complex development challenges, we provide the first-in-class resources you need for your next development project. We’ll guide you through the extensive development process, stability testing, and validation services — including FDA submissions. We’ll help you do it right the first time — avoiding the mistakes that can derail your project. Explore our services to see how PD Partners can assist you.

Developing products in your industry

Developing New Products in Your Industry

Throughout the years, we’ve worked with a variety of medical, healthcare, and nutrition disciplines. We’ve helped dozens of companies to develop new or refine their existing products. Our extensive experience helps us to locate issues before they become costly time delays. Discover how PD Partners can help your industry:

Consumer Health & Nutrition

Qualified and Experienced Product Testing

Thanks to our license as a Class 1 facility designation with the DEA, our laboratory is one of only 30 in the US approved to test cannabinoid-containing products. We’ll run tests to determine the percentages within your new drug and make sure they properly align with current federal guidelines and testing requirements.

We will assist you in navigating the complex and changing requirements to deliver a product that meets all current specifications. With PD Partners, you can feel confident knowing that we have the resources and experience to help you produce quality and value to your customers. Our testing, storage, and stability facilities provide the work you need cost-effectively and professionally.

Qualified product testing