PD Partners has worked with dozens of businesses, creating new drugs, consulting for FDA submissions and other regulations, and assisting throughout the new product development process. From developing generic topical-based drugs for the Dermatology industry to helping a business within the Biopharmaceuticals discipline overcome filing issues, our experts are available to offer consultation services and more where needed.

Far too frequently in our industry, a project or filing is delayed by not focusing on the critical details in planning, formulation, or testing. With our knowledge and ties to the DEA and FDA, we’ll help you navigate the complexities to streamline the process and avoid any details falling through the cracks. You can rest easy knowing your product will be developed, filed, and approved without any major holdups. We’re committed to doing things right the first time, and that means greater success for your products. See how PD Partners can help your industry.



With our stabilizing testing, we’ll help relieve your growing pains by turning your small molecular drugs into larger ones. Our pristine and controlled environment makes it easy to transition at a larger, commercial scale. We’ll help you file the submissions accurately based on your new drug and the percentages used. Then, we’ll analyze, calculate, and create the new drug based on what is approved. Plus, we’ll conduct microbiology testing to ensure your product is always sold as intended.

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Consumer Health and Nutrition

Consumer Health & Nutrition

As FDA regulations change and dietary restrictions are enforced, it becomes more important than ever that you’re able to file your drug appropriately and adjust your product as needed to comply with them. Our consulting services provide the assistance you need to navigate the complexities of the bureaucratic process. And, our stabilizing testing and on-site lab can develop your new product in a safe, DEA-approved facility. Whether you need to adjust the formula of an existing product or create a new one to accommodate demand, we’re here to help.

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breaking ground

Breaking New Ground

From the extensive development process to stability testing, validation services, and FDA submissions, our services help you navigate the intricate and often complex process of new drug development. We’ll help you avoid mistakes that often derail projects and streamline the process to eliminate financial pitfalls and help you meet strict deadlines. No matter your needs during the development process, PD Partners is here to help you.