Pharmaceutical Microbiology Testing Laboratory & Analysis Services

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Testing Laboratory & Analysis ServicesWhen you’re adjusting an existing drug or creating a new product from scratch, there are many variables that can derail your progress. Some occur during the development, while others may happen post-product launch. One of those risks is microbiology issues. Whether the problem comes from your water system or from the ingredients themselves, PD Partners eliminates the risk by following strict cleaning protocols to prevent your product from becoming the next recall.

In recent years, the FDA has been zoning in on facilities that develop drugs and other modern medicine and inspecting them for any known microbiology issues. That’s why our pharmaceutical microbiology testing laboratory and analysis services include a strict cleaning protocol to ensure anything your product touches or goes through won’t impact it. From testing our water systems to cleaning our tanks after each use, we’ll eliminate the worst-case scenarios so that you can feel confident in the products we develop.

How It Works

We understand that threats to your product can occur at any point in the process. That’s why we take special care to keep our facility clean, implement best practices, and protect your products from human errors, molecular contamination, and other biological threats. Our FDA-approved facility meets all requirements, but we’ll still test your product for micro-related issues, including:

  • Raw material testing
  • Production line testing
  • Equipment testing
  • Final product testing

Our Proven Process

  1. Analysis and discovery
  2. Testing
  3. Establishing a sample formula
  4. Scaling capabilities
  5. Modification and adjustments
  6. Labeling and parameter testing
  7. Finalizing the product

Benefits of Working with PD Partners

  • Avoid the risk of recalled products
  • Meet cGMP, FDA, and ICH requirements
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Minimize unplanned expenditures

The PD Partners Guarantee

Our testing, storage, and stability facilities provide the work you need cost-effectively and professionally. With 15,000 square feet of space, our facilities are pre-approved by the FDA and are licensed as a Class 1 by the DEA — making us one of only 30 locations in the US to provide cannabinoid-containing product testing.

Our commitment to doing right by both you and ourselves ensures that we’ll never cut corners to make your product work. From keeping our facilities compliant with government regulations to helping you get your new product approved, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities of the new product development process.

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